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Elevating the Pub Experience with Local Flair and Impeccable Service

Welcome to Millstone Public House, where community, exceptional flavours, and genuine hospitality converge. As a locally owned and operated establishment, the Millstone Public House is dedicated to providing an elevated pub experience that goes beyond expectations. We invite you to check us out at one of our three unique locations with our signature elevated pub fare, welcoming staff, and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding service.

At the Millstone Public House, we believe in the power of community. Discover how our humble beginnings and a shared vision laid the foundation for our locally owned and operated business. We have built our brand on knowing the importance of relationships and have created a gathering place where friends, families, and neighbours can come together for a great meal and a few drinks

The Heartbeat of Hospitality!

Our welcoming staff is the heartbeat of Millstone Public House. Explore the genuine warmth and hospitality that greets every guest who walks through our doors. From recommending the perfect drink to going the extra mile to ensure your comfort, our staff is committed to exceeding your expectations

At Millstone Public House, we are more than just a pub. We are a community-driven establishment, passionate about elevating the dining experience through locally inspired cuisine, welcoming staff, and unmatched service. Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates flavours, fosters connections, and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Experience the Millstone difference and discover why we are more than just a place to eat and drink – we are a part of the community and proud of it!

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Live Music at King’s Wharf – Brooklyn Blackmore

Last Thursday we enjoyed Live Music on the Waterfront for the first time and it was a huge success.  The customers sang along and enjoyed a beautiful candlelit evening on the water with friends and family.  At our beautiful King’s Wharf restaurant there are cozy nooks where the music is a little quieter, and barstools where you can get front and centre for the experience.  We hope you will come and check it out.

This Thursday October 27th we welcome award winning singer songwriter Brooklyn Blackmore.

Brooklyn Blackmore delivers captivating lyrics, dynamic vocals, and powerful mel

odies with a vintage feel. Her sound reflects influences of the old-school mystical style of Stevie Nicks and modern artists like Miley Cyrus. Blackmore won the Global Country Star Search in 2016, and Female Vocalist of the Year and Female Entertainer of the Year at the North American Country Music Association International in 2017
– https://www.brooklynblackmore.ca

Come enjoy a night out with us.  We would love to serve you a great meal and have you stay for live music.  To book a table call us at 902-404-8053 or plan to come early and grab a great seat.  We have FREE street parking and gated parking available to our customers at King’s Wharf.

The Millstone Public House Victoria Day hours

As we enjoy this beautiful holiday Monday we may wish to raise a glass to the woman responsible for this National long weekend. Her name is Queen Victoria…and until 2015 when Queen Elizabeth stole the title she was the longest reigning monarch in England. With a total of 63 years on the throne this must be viewed as a rather large accomplishment in a time when many people did not live past 40. The period of her reign was known appropriately as the Victorian Era which is hallmarked by strict standards of personal morality and dress.

Victoria was born on May 24th, 1819 and was the fifth in line to the throne. When all four of her brothers died without heirs she ascended to the throne following a rather sad and lonely childhood. She was an 18 year old Queen, married to her first cousin when someone tried to kill her during her first pregnancy! She went on to have eight children and many more assassination attempts all while ruling an empire until her death in 1901 at the age of 81.

Her legacy includes the gradual establishment of a modern constitutional monarchy and reforms to the voting system which increased the power of the House of Commons and reduced the rule of the house of Lords. This forever changed the role of the British Monarchy and informs the way in which the current Queen interacts with the Prime Minister. In 1867, Walter Bagehot wrote that the monarch only retained “the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, and the right to warn.”

What a lady. What a life.

Both Millstone locations will be CLOSED on Monday May 21st.

Remember, life opens up when you do. So pull up a barstool and have some fun.

Millstone Public House Dartmouth (902)461-8053 250 Baker Drive

Millstone Public House Bedford (902)431-8053 50 Gary Martin Drive




Superbowl and our second Birthday!

On Sunday February 4th our little pub will turn 2 years old.  (Yes, we opened on February 7th, 2016 but it was on Superbowl Sunday so we’re rolling with that because it’s fun)  What an incredible first few years we have had.  Through a lot of learning curves, a few missteps and many wonderful days and nights we’ve grown into the community pub we dreamed of being.  We can not thank you enough for welcoming us into your lives and giving us the opportunity to employ 40 local service industry rock stars..it is a dream come true!  We invite you to come raise a glass with us in celebration of this 2 year milestone at the Millstone Public House.

We’d also like to invite you to come cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots as they battle for victory at the Superbowl.  So many have said the Eagles will take it this year…but then again the Patriots have their golden boy Mr. Bunchen 😉 .  The game will be played at both locations so pick your favourite Millstone and your favourite team and get in on the action.

If you want to know some things about the teams..click here.

Remember, life opens up when you do. So pull up a barstool and have some  fun.


Millstone Public House Dartmouth (902)461-8053  250 Baker Drive

Millstone Public House Bedford (902)431-8053  50 Gary Martin Drive





When less is more

In a market populated with large and increasingly ornamental tap handles, the Unfiltered ones are easy to miss.  Unless of course you are a fan and then you know what to look for.  In a way the small, sleek, stainless steel pulls are a nod to the way the beer is made.  Totally without pomp or additives.

When I had the chance to tour the Unfiltered Brewery and speak with brewmaster Greg Nash, I asked him why he chose such a diminutive nub.  His reply, like his beer, was straight forward and with no BS. “For me, it’s not about anything but the beer.  It’s got to taste great.  No fluff.  No smoke and mirrors.”

img_3335 img_3339


Made of just four basic ingredients, Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast, the beer is live and, as the name would suggest, unfiltered.  This gives it a noticeably cloudy appearance but there are a few reasons to leave it “LIVE”, which is what beer is called before it gets filtered.  It turns out brewers yeast is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin B complex.  Beer that has not been filtered is loaded with B vitamins.  Why does this matter you ask?  Well, it turns out B Vitamins are leached from your body when you drink alcohol and their departure contributes significantly to the depth of the next day’s hangover.  Drinking beer full of B Vitamins could both cause and cure that hangover in one delicious gulp.  Secondly, Live beer is more flavourful, has a stronger body and is higher in mineral content.  This richness allows the beer to taste great all on its own.  As Nash puts it, “The beer is au natural.  There is no f***ing sh** in it!”

img_3365 img_3370

Another noteworthy benefit of one brew in particular, is reduced Gluten content.  While they can not technically call the beer “Gluten Free” (due to the beer being made with gluten containing materials), one brew Exile on North Street has been tested at 10 parts per million.  The standard “Gluten Free” labeled food must contain no more than 20 parts per million, so you do the math.

“Everybody wants craft beer.  They want to eat and drink locally.  They want to know what they are putting in their body,” Nash explains. “It’s the way the world is going..slowly but surely.  For us it’s about the beer.  Making great beer from natural ingredients and doing what we do well.  From the Grain to the Glass it’s three weeks.  It has a shelf life.  It must be fresh.  It’s always going to be local and absolutely fresh.  Freshness is key”.


We’re always pouring cold, fresh, Unfiltered Beer at the Millstone Public House.  Drop by and try it yourself.  Or, stop by the brewery on North Street in Halifax and see if you can’t get a word with Nash himself.  He’s quite a character..and he knows his beer!