Why wait in line?

If you are looking to stock your wine rack and beer fridge for the weekend, why stand in the lines at the NSLC?  We are able to include beer and wine with your take out order!

The rules state that your liquor order must be no more than three times the value of your take out order.  So, grab an order of chicken wings, a few burgers and a dessert then load up with $150 worth of wine and beer.  Our prices are pretty comparable to the store but we will drop it in your trunk or bring it to your home.

No lines, no waiting, no stress.

This weekend we are offering a delicious Apple Crisp for $9.00.  Big enough to serve up to 4 people.  Take it home and reheat in the oven for maximum satisfaction. The cheesecake this week is Salted Caramel Brownie with an Oreo crumb base.  Wowza.

Also, noting the lack of hand sanitizer available in the stores, we have received a shipment from Compass Distillers and can now sell 120ml bottles of locally made hand sanitizer with your take out and delivery orders.  $5 each.  Grab a few for your car, home and purse.

We can also add things like milk, bread, bacon, ground beef, frozen chicken fingers, flour, pasta, potato chips, orange juice, eggs, frozen burger patties, burger buns and even toilet paper to your order.  Just ask your server when you’re on the phone.

To order give us a call or send us an email. Thank you!

Millstone Public House Dartmouth
250 Baker Drive

Millstone Public House Bedford
50 Gary Martin Drive