Some things never change..

At the Millstone Public House you’ll notice that we have a bit of a nostalgic eye when it comes to sports.  Rather than highlighting one particular team we celebrate the spirit of the game to remind ourselves of the joy of playing.  Whether it’s a memory of skating on a frozen pond, screaming ‘car’ to halt a neighbourhood game of street hockey, or quietly pressing down fresh snowfall on a snowshoe voyage through the deep forest, we can all tap into the way it feels to do something just for the joy of it.

This incredible photograph is one of the first things you’ll see when you come to the pub. It was brought to us by one of our staff and it is of her grandfather paddling on lake Banook back in the 1930s.  We love it because it connects us to the past, reminds us of where we are and calls us to get out there and do it while we can.  There is something deeply satisfying about dipping a paddle into the cool water…the joy of pulling together towards the same goal.  Some things never change.