The time is now…

I once read a story about a man overcome with sorrow while cleaning the closet after his wife had passed away. Married for more than 30 years they had two beautiful children and a great life together. He reflected with fondness on the life they had shared and the gratitude he had for the woman who was his love. A pang of sorrow suddenly sprung from something he discovered in her closet. There inside a small box he found a beautiful satin nightgown wrapped up in crisp tissue paper. He knew immediately that it had never been worn. He understood right away that his beautiful wife had long ago purchased this for a special occasion that never came. The loss of that moment filled him with a deep sense of regret. That box represented a tenderness that was at the heart of their marriage. Their deep love and connection was always present but often tucked away while they focussed on the day to day hustle and bustle of their lives. Gently unwrapping the nightgown, he wished for one more day with his wife; one day to stop, unwind and enjoy the simple love they shared together.

It is easy to let things get a little dusty; to get busy and distracted and put that special occasion off…just for a little while…just until we get that one thing done… But the truth is that the time is now. We don’t get up everyday to get things done. As children we don’t dream of growing up to be super busy and tired. The busy work we all get busy doing is meant to be the foundation of our life, not the definition of it.

We invite you to take some time now.  Grab your friends, your loved ones, your colleagues and steal a bit of fun, over a cold drink, in a cool spot, with a great meal.  We invite you to The Millstone Public House and ask that you Come as you are.