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Olympic Pride!

This Friday the excitement of the Rio Olympics kicks off.  Over the span of 16 days athletes from all over the world will pour their hearts and souls into competing in hopes of bringing home the gold.  They are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, teachers and accountants; all training relentlessly to represent their country in the most prestigious games on earth.  It is incredible to watch and, as proud Canadians, we join with our countrymen and women in cheering them on!

Opening Ceremonies will be played on the big TVs at the Millstone this Friday night starting at 8:00pm!

First up to compete:

Men’s Beach Volleyball:    Canada V Brazil   Saturday at 11:00am  (we open at 11:30am)

Women’s Rugby:  Canada V Japan   Saturday at 12:30

Women’s Basketball:  Canada V China   Saturday at 2:15

Women’s Soccer:  Canada V Zimbabwe   Saturday at 3:00

Women’s Rugby:  Canada V Brazil   Saturday at 6:00

Men’s Field Hockey:  Canada V Germany  Saturday at 6:00


Over the course of the games we will be posting articles and schedules about when to watch and who to cheer for.  To subscribe to our newsletter see below.