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Why is it so good?

Life is busy and time can be short.  We grab a bite between meetings or scarf down a burger in the car on the way to soccer practice but sometimes we need to slow down and eat some food that took time.  At the Millstone Public House we proudly make things from scratch.  Our Seafood Chowder has received universal rave reviews from customers, family members and critics and we think it’s because our Chef knows how to make things with layers of flavour using fresh ingredients and the right amount of time.  It’s not easy.  It takes years of study and endless practice to make it look effortless but the truth is that things just taste better when they are done right.

Take our Seafood Linguine for example.  The pasta is cooked to a perfect ‘al dente’ when the order is made.  There are a million ways to ruin pasta but when your Chef spent months living in Italy you know it’s going to be done just right.   The fresh seafood is then tossed in garlic butter and sautéed perfectly to ensure it is cooked but not overdone.  Then comes the fresh cream, garlic, seasonings and other fresh ingredients that elevate the dish to something you’re really going to love.  Why is it so good?  Time…and experience…and knowledge…and skill.

seafood linguine

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