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Proudly Nova Scotian!

The joy of a great bottle of wine can not be overstated.  For centuries we have uncorked to the good times and the bad and savoured the sweet warmth of fermented grapes in the belly.  It is said that the first evidence of wine production was found in Armenia back in 4100 BC and went on as a major contributor to the colonization of the world.

Italy and France battle it out for top spot on the wine production list, with Spain and the United States taking 3rd and 4th place.  China is a surprising find on the list, coming in seventh place with 1.4 million tonnes produced annually though it is unlikely that you have ever tried a Chinese wine as very little of it is exported.  Canadian wine production, which comprises only 0.5% of the global market,  is on the rise but predominantly from British Columbia and Ontario.  While we are making much more Canadian wine, as a country we consume only 50% local which makes us one of the few wine producing countries where domestic consumption doesn’t hold dominant share  *wikipedia 

We are a proud Nova Scotia business and are happily building great relationships with other local businesses in the region.  Many of our wines come from Bishops Cellar, a beautiful wine, beer and spirits merchant tucked away on Halifax’s waterfront.  We applaud their effort to promote not only the Canadian wine industry but the burgeoning Nova Scotia wine industry as well.

A devout supporter of Nova Scotia’s farm wineries and micro-brewers, Bishop’s Cellar takes great pride in working with our local partners to further promote their products and respective industries. 

On special this month at the Millstone Public House is the refreshingly crisp, slightly bubbly Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge. It is the perfect wine to enjoy on a hot summer day with floral notes, light pink colour and the hint of fizz that makes it feel decadent.

We hope you’ll stop by for a great meal and uncork a bottle of Nova 7 to let yourself let go for a while.  Summer is short, but the days are long and made for relaxing.