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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s just know and they fiercely act on their innate knowledge to put the well being of their children first. Their love is at times so subtle you miss it. Like the soccer mom sitting on the sidelines of a rainy game with a warm, dry towel tucked into her oversized handbag waiting to be wrapped around her favourite player but not herself. Like the concerned mom losing a night of sleep listening for a cough in the night from a child with a cold. It is the most enduring love most of us will ever feel and today we take a moment to celebrate our moms.

The Millstone Public House invites you to come join us on this beautiful sunny day. We will break bread and raise our glasses to our moms.

The Millstone Public House management and staff.

Millstone Public House Dartmouth, 250 Baker Drive.  902-461-8053

Millstone Public House Bedford, 50 Gary Martin Drive.  902-431-8053