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It was a moment that struck the nation. For those who had Road Apples, Up to Here and Fully Completely playing as the soundtrack to our youth, we will never forget where we were when we heard. The words told us our beloved, quirky, awesomely talented, energetic, Canadian front man Gord Downie has terminal cancer. The words were read again then once more as the heart processed the information. It touched us more deeply than expected and had us rushing to our computers to find a way to score tickets to the concert that we all know will go down in history. Some got tickets, so many could not. A petition surfaced online begging CBC to LIVE broadcast the final tour date in Kingston. CBC answered the call, knowing that it was the Canadian thing to do, and knowing that we all need to say goodbye to the man who told our stories and captured our memories in his music.

On Saturday, August 20th we will come together and listen. We will raise our glass and watch this incredible performer pour his heart out once more.

We are not selling tickets to this event but are taking reservations.
To book a table please call (902) 461-8053