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Hand pressed and impressed

You can travel the world for culinary delights but the truth is the North American contribution to gastronomy centers predominantly around the humble hamburger.  We eat them in the backyard and in our cars, we eat them for lunch and dinner and we never grow tired of the hand held delight.  At the Millstone Public House we have taken this diet staple and kicked it up into position with the finest of foods.

“The Millstone” starts with fresh ground  certified black angus beef, expertly seasoned, rolled into a ball then hand pressed onto a hot griddle to sear in the flavours.  The top side of the buttery bun is then prepared with fresh arugula and sliced plump tomato.  The bottom receives the hot hamburger patty and is topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions, smoked bacon, creamy melty brie cheese and a delicious sauce that oozes over the sides.  This masterpiece is then complimented by our never-frozen hand-cut french fries and a bowl of our oh-so-garlicy caesar salad.  The result is a meal you’ll come back for again and again.

Have you tried it yet?  We hope you’ll come in soon.  To view our full menu please go to www.millstonepublichouse.com


We now have two locations to serve you better!

Dartmouth, 250 Baker Drive (near access Nova Scotia) 902-461-8053

Bedford, 50 Gary Martin Drive (in the Sante Centre) 902-431-8053






I’ll be back.

A customer once sat down at the bar and asked what was good on the menu.  The bartender though about all the great menu items, considered her favourites and then contemplated what was the most ordered item.  Her reply to the gentleman, as well as her recommendation, was the hand battered fish and chips.  She described it as crispy, light, hot and flavourful.  She told him it came with hand cut, never frozen, lightly seasoned french fries and house made tartar sauce.  He raised an eyebrow and told her that he’d recently eaten fish and chips at every one of the “top 10 fish and chip spots in the Halifax area” so he’d be a tough one to please.  Trusting our chef and kitchen team she too raised an eyebrow and said we were up to the challenge.  The order was placed and the customer waited.

The plate came out of the kitchen and was placed in front of the would-be food critic.  It was a simple presentation with a slice of lemon, a silver cup of tartar sauce and a small side of coleslaw.  There were no lemon grass spears; no heirloom tomato chutney.  It was not a display of culinary artistry but it smelled incredible and he dug right in.  Moments later the quality check was made; the reply was a waiving of the cutlery and some pleasurable mumbling with a full mouth. When the plate was cleared it was empty.

Later, the bill was presented and the customer smiled.  The waiter returned it with a knowing grin.  “How was everything?” she asked sensing that his reply would be like so many others.  He sat up straight, cocked his head slightly and began.   “You know, I’ve had a lot of fish and chips in my life.  I’m a maritimer and I know my seafood and I’ve got to tell you that was some of the best I’ve ever had.  If you had been included in the top ten list you would have been first.  It was absolutely delicious…I’ll be back”.

Those are the magic words we wait to hear.  We want you to ‘Come as You Are’, enjoy a great meal and some good times and then come back again and again.



Now, with two locations to serve you!

Bedford, 50 Gary Martin Drive in the Sante Centre.  Entrance at the back.  (902)-431-8053

Dartmouth, 250 Baker Drive near Access Nova Scotia.  (902)461-8053