Oh Canada!

On this day we celebrate the joy of living in the greatest country on earth…the expansive land of fresh air, clean water, social kindness, cultural diversity, gender inclusivity, hockey, double doubles and amazing beer.  We quietly revel in the fact that while we make fun of ourselves for apologizing too much we continue to use ‘sorry’ as a response to someone else bumping into us in a crowd.  We do this because we know that it is part of our national character to be humble, gracious and forgiving.  Today we will raise our glass to the freedom, opportunity and safety this country provides us and repeatedly clank our glasses against the glasses of those we love; the friends, family, lovers, colleagues and neighbours who make life fun and worth living.  Through birth, marriage or immigration we found our way to the great white north and, as we bathe in the sunshine on this glorious July 1st long weekend, we must all take a moment to savour and be grateful  for our great fortune to be here.

From all of us a the Millstone Public House we want to wish you all a Happy Canada Day!  May your glass be full.