National Take Out Day.

One year ago all restaurants in Nova Scotia were closed to dine in service and thousands of staff were laid off.  Everyone was afraid and uncertain and staying the blazes home.  It was certainly a time of trepidation and panic for everyone. In that moment the future of the hospitality industry in this beautiful city looked uncertain…until you stepped in.  You decided that you wanted to live in a place filled with locally owned restaurants that were unique and lively and  provided jobs to your neighbours.

You picked up your phone and gave us your support as well as your dinner order.  You took home boxes filled with hot pasta dishes, cold desserts, delicious burgers and more.  You added bottles of wine and beer and tipped our frazzled staff and it made all the difference.  We wouldn’t be here without you and we thank you for that.

Today is National Take Out Day and we would love to make dinner for you.  The folks behind this National movement are hoping to set a record for most take out ordered in one night.  Of course we are happy to participate in this and hope you’ll consider giving us a call.  If you’d like to get out of the house we are OPEN at all three locations for dine in as well.  Pull up a chair and let us treat you right.

Millstone Public House Baker Drive  (902)461-8053
Millstone Public House Bedford (902)431-8053
Millstone Public House King’s Wharf  (902) 404-8053

What will it be… a fresh wedge salad and some Curry Chicken Penne?  Or perhaps you’d like some buttery pretzel bites and a Millstone Burger?

Full menu at 

Thank you!  We couldn’t do it without you.

The Millstone Team