Get 10% off your bill, and feel great about it.

As we drive around town on any given weeknight we are bound to see a group of kids joyously playing soccer on the fresh green grass in the waning Nova Scotia Sunshine. It is a beautiful sight and one that, for many, brings back fond childhood memories of grass stains, tall socks and fun. At the Millstone Public House we honour the spirit of sport and hope to give back to this community we love so much. So when Peter Bragg, Adam’s cousin, approached us with a request to help him collect soccer cleats for children in Kenya we jumped on it.

If you have any well loved cleats that are no longer playing soccer please bring them to any Atlantic Superstore before June 30th. Or, make a night of it and bring them to the Pub. We’ll give you a high five and 10% off your bill for being awesome.

Having something to give can make us feel great and helps remind us of all we have. I hope you’ll consider digging in your closet for those tattered gems that will make a huge difference in the life of a child in Kenya.

Joanne McCullough
Co-owner, Millstone Public House.
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