Cheers to that!

With the minor hockey leagues winding down in the area we’d like to raise a glass to all the hockey moms and dads out there. You got up early, drove in the snow, sat in the cold and cheered your hearts out because you know what it means to play. Your kids won’t always say it, but your support means the world to them. You gave them the gift of sport and they will carry it with them always.

Having kids of our own in minor hockey we know what a commitment it is but we also know how great the game is.  Despite the trouble, the hassle and the smell of that bag, it’s worth it.  If your team is interested in doing a fundraiser please let us know.  We have a space we call the ‘locker room’ that is perfect for silent auctions or team dinners and, wherever we can, we are proud to donate to teams in the area.  Please call us at 902-461-8053 to discuss.