Bubble Booths!

We at the Millstone Public House have installed what we like to call Bubble Booths in both of our restaurants!  These cozy little walls allow us to seat nearly every table in the pub and expand how many of you we can accommodate on busy lunch hours and evenings.  Combined with our hand sanitizer at the door, our single use and touchless menus, our face covered staff and our vigilant cleaning, we are confident that you will enjoy your time relaxing with us.

Though we look forward to the day when we can toss these new walls in a fire pit and remove our masks forever, we know they are here for now and are doing our best to provide you with a safe and comfortable dining experience.

Things really are looking up!  Thanks to your support we have hired a few new staff and are working on a new menu which we hope to launch later this year.

Our online ordering is proving to be a real hit with our customers.  We have received great feedback stating how easy it is to use which is fantastic to know.  Check it out at www.millstonepublichouse.com  Order up some delicious burgers like the Millstone, The Backyard or the Candied Bacon, or some fabulous pasta dishes like the Maple Curry Penne and the Seafood Linguine.  Add a few bottles of wine and a dessert or two and make a night of it.  Orders are ready within 30 minutes and packed up for you to pick up.  Give it  a try!

Remember, life opens up when you do. So pull up a barstool and have some  fun.

Millstone Public House Dartmouth (902)461-8053  250 Baker Drive

Millstone Public House Bedford (902)431-8053  50 Gary Martin Drive