Best Burger Ever??

When we hired an accomplished and well known chef to run our kitchen we knew he would blow everyone away with his creations and provide the ‘elevated pub food’ we were aiming for.  But, being a pub, we knew we had to offer great standard pub fare such as chicken wings, nachos and hamburgers and we wondered if Jamie could ‘tone down’ his chef training to put together these simpler items.  The result is a burger that is so unbelievably delicious that people tell us they crave it and groan while they eat it.

“The Millstone”starts with 7 ounces of top quality ground beef, mixed by hand with herbs and seasonings then hand pressed onto a hot griddle.  Sautéed mushrooms and onions and savoury bacon are spread on top of melty brie, covered in fresh tomato and arugula then drizzled in sauce and capped of with a buttery bun.  It comes to you flanked by Jamie’s signature caesar salad and hand cut french fries; the plate returns to the kitchen empty.

Come on in and give it a try.  We think you’ll be very pleased!


*amazing photograph taken by Greg Nash from Unfiltered Brewing.   He brews killer beer and takes awesome shots.